Match Info

  • August 1-5, 2018 at Brooklyn Sportsman’s Club
  • 475 Monroe St, Brooklyn MI 49230

  • 15 Stages + Chronograph
  • 365 rounds

Match fees

  • $195.00 for Adult.
  • $145.00 for Junior.


Shooting schedules:

  • Competitors will have a choice of either a "half day" or "full day" formats

  • Competitors who shoot "half day" format will shoot -
  • Saturday PM - Sunday AM

  • Competitors who shoot "full day" format will choose from -
  • Friday (All day)
  • Saturday (All day)
  • The full day format for competitors will be limited and only on Friday and Saturday

  • The staff may shoot either​
  • half day Wednesday PM - Thursday AM,  or
  • Thursday (All day)

  • The scheduled start time is at 8:00 am (This may change due to city ordnance).
  • We are hoping to have the match finished by 12:30 PM Sunday.


Award Information:

Would you like to become a sponsor for Area 5?

  • If you would like to become a sponsor, we would love to help market your product and get it front of over 350 competitors and staff before and during the match.
  • Any level of sponsorship is recognized and appreciated.
  • Click here for more information about sponsorship: USPSA 2018 AREA 5 SPONSORSHIP LETTER

Match Sponsors and Donors

Title Level Sponsor - Cheely Custom Gunworks

Platinum Sponsor - Leapers, Inc

  • ​​Let's welcome Leapers as a platinum sponsor to the Area 5 Championship! They will have their shooting team here, and be giving away lots of great product to the shooters! They have always been a strong support of the matches in Michigan!
  • Check them out at

Platinum Sponsor - Glock

  • We are excited to see the Glock Sooting team in action at the match! Game on! A big thank you goes out to Glock!
  • Their product lineup can be seen at:

Platinum Level Sponsor - Springfield Armory

  • We are proud to have Springfield Armory providing many prize guns to our table.
  • Too many great products to list - so see them at:

Gold Sponsor - LA Police Gear

  • LAPG is coming back to support Area 5 - so there will be a lot of great LAPG product to give away one of the stages!
  • Thanks again for the great support!

Gold Sponsor - Double Alpha Academy by Alpha Dynamics

  • Lots of cool stuff coming from Double Alpha Academy by Alpha Dynamics as prizes!
  • Thanks for being a great sponsor and supporting us again this year!

Gold Sponsor - Nowlin Arms

  • These are great products for 1911 including action kits, hammers, sears, disconnectors, ejectors, firing pins, guide rods and much more!
  • Thank you again, and we are excited to have you supporting this match and offering great prizes for the table!

Silver Sponsor - Tri-State Tactical Shooting

  • Tri-State Tactical has donated several items to our prize table! 
  • Thanks for being a sponsor and supporting us this year!

Silver Sponsor - Fenix Ammunition

Let's welcome Fenix Ammunition as a sponsor to the Area 5 Handgun Championship! Fenix Ammunition is becoming a big sponsor at many of the major matches in Michigan, and they offer ammunition for competition, training and defense. Justin Nazaroff has been a great supporter of competitive shooting, and we are happy to have him join us!

or check them out on Facebook at:


Bronze Sponsor - EGW

  • Mag gauges, chamber checkers, oh my! All great prizes donated by Evolution Gun Works.
  • Year after year they have supported the USPSA sport and the major USPSA matches in Michigan.
  • Please reach out EGW and thank them for being a sponsor with your purchases.
  • Great parts and accessories at:

Bronze Sponser - Trijicon

  • Trijicon has donated some HD Night Sights to the prize table.
  • This is a local Michigan company offering some of the best sights and optics in the world!
  • Thank you for the kind donation!

Bronze Sponser - Precision Bullets

  • A big thank you to Precision Bullets for donating certificates for their great bullets.
  • Precision Bullets are swaged with certified 6/2 lead alloy. They then apply their unique dry-lube formula to completely encases the precision lead core. What does this mean for you? Safe for indoor ranges. No leading in the barrel. Fire more rounds downrange between cleanings. Load twice as long and twice as much before cleaning your dies. Less smoke since no messy wax lubricants are used.

Bronze Sponser - Starline Brass

  • Starline Brass steps up to donate many gift certificates to give away to shooters! Thanks for being a great sponsor to ALL the Michigan USPSA majors matches. Awesome product and an awesome sponsor.

Bronze Sponser - Rainier Ballistics

  • Rainier has grown to become one of the largest plated bullet producers in the world.
  • These bullets are relatively low price, and result in essentially zero lead vapor emissions when shot and have high degree of accuracy.
  • Rainier also supports our LEO and Military shooters.  The USPSA Area 5 Championship is proud to promote companies who support those who serve! 



2018 Cheely Custom Gunworks Area 5 Handgun Championship Matchbook