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Match Info

  • June 1-4, 2017 at Brooklyn Sportsman’s Club
  • 15 Stages + Chronograph
  • 365 rounds

Match fees

  • $195.00 for Adult.
  • $145.00 for Junior.


  • go to www.area5.us
  • You may register on this web site, and make payment by PayPal or send in a check.
  • Squadding will be on USPSA site – SQUADDING WILL OPEN AT 9:00 AM ON SATURDAY, NOV 5.
  • Note – Payment will take at least 24 hours to process, since it requires manual entry into the USPSA system



  • This match will award both trophies and have a cash payouts.
  • Every Class and Division winner will receive a cash payout! (Note – Unclassified shooters are not eligible nor counted in the payout).
  • Competitors and staff will have a choice of either a “half day” or “full day” formats.

2017 Area 5 Sponsors

Title Sponsor - CK Arms

  • CK Arms provides superior parts to gunsmiths as well as complete widebody guns for the competition market without the wait typically associated with getting a custom gun built.
  • Check them out at: https://www.ckarms.com

Platinum Level Sponsor - Leapers, Inc.

  • Leapers manufactures a wide range of innovative and technologically advanced shooting sport oriented products across a multitude of different platforms. 
  • The complete lineup of their products can be seen at: http://www.leapers.com

Platinum Level Sponsor - Springfield Armory

  • ​Springfield Armory will be providing several prize guns - including a 1911 Range Officer in 45, a XDM 9mm 5.25" Competition Edition, and 6 additional prize guns.
  • To many great products to list - so see them at: http://www.springfield-armory.com

Platinum Level Sponsor - Atlas GunWorks

  • All of the Atlas Gun Works handguns are custom made and delivered within months of ordering. If you need a new gun even faster, they offer the Titan and the Chaos.
  • Check them out at: http://atlasgunworks.com

Platinum Level Sponsor - Glock

  • GLOCK is committed to "Perfection" in all of their firearms and products. With a loyal following of law enforcement, military, and sport shooters, GLOCK has become the leading global pistol manufacturer. 
  • Check out the 4th Generation of GLOCK "Safe Action" Pistols ® featuring changes to their line of products to further improve performance and precision for every GLOCK shooter.
  • Also welcome Team Glock to the 2017 Area 5 Championship.  These are great shooters representing a great product!
  • https://us.glock.com
  • https://us.glock.com/team

Platinum Level Sponsor - Shooter's Connection

  • Shooter's Connection is one of the premier shooting supply companies in the US.
  • They have been serving USPSA / IPSC / IDPA shooters for many years and offer great service and support.
  • http://www.shootersconnectionstore.com

Gold Level Sponsor - JP Rifles

  • JP Enterprises offers one of the finest recreational and competitive rifles (and parts) on the market.  The craftsmanship of their products is second to none.
  • Go see their lineup of awesome products at: https://www.jprifles.com/

Gold Level Sponsor - Nowlin Arms

  • Nowlin offers premium custom parts for 1911's, Glock barrels and accessorie, tools, springs, action kits and much more.
  • Their line up products and parts can be seen at: http://www.nowlinarms.com
  • They have been a great sponsor to our Michigan matches - and we look forward to proudly representing their products at the match

Gold Level Sponsor - LA Police Gear

  • LA Police Gear will be donating lots of prizes to the Area 5 table - and it will the competitors and workers who will be smiling ear to ear!
  • They have everything - apparel, footwear, lights, bags and packs, weapon accessories, tactical and duty gear, and much more!
  • They have a great website, so check them out at www.lapg.com.

Gold Level Sponsor - Alpha Dynamics

  • Alpha Dynamics is now a Gold Sponsor for the Area 5 Championship and has donated 2 x CED M2 Chronographs as well as many CED/DAA RangePacks as prizes.
  • Many shooters and workers are going to be very happy and be thankful for great supporters like these guys!! Be sure to support them as they support us!
  • https://www.doublealpha.biz

Silver Level Sponsor - Midwest Supply Group

  • Midwest Supply Group is now an official sponsor for the Area 5 Championship and we thank them for the generous contribution to the match! T
  • hey have been a strong supporter of many midwest matches.
  • Check them out at https://www.midwestsupplygroup.com

Stage Level Sponsor - Berry's Manufacturing

  • For over 55 years, Berry's Manufacturing has been producing superior bullets for shooters all over the world.  Established in 1961 by Ray Berry, Berry's is still family owned and operated today.  
  • World renowned for 60 types of superior plated bullets, Berry's also provides a line of injection molded items such as ammo boxes, vibratory case cleaners, VersaCradle bench tools, and a variety of other products for any shooter.  
  • Check them out at https://www.berrysmfg.com

​Stage Level Sponsor - Guga Ribas

  • Guga Ribas manufactures high technology competitive holsters, magazine pouches, belts, IPSC rigs, shot shell carriers and much more.  We are excited to have them at our match!
  • See their whole line of products at: http://gugaribas.com.br/en/

Bronze Level Sponsor - Bullet Barn of Ohio

  • Bullet Barn is a Ohio-based shooting supply company that provides bullets, powder, etc.
  • Bullet Barn of Ohio is offering great prices on powder and primers, and huge discounts on bullets to shooters attending the 2017 USPSA Area 5 Championship in Brooklyn, MI.  These sale prices are good only on products delivered to the match on June 2,3,4.  All orders will be delivered to the match by Dave, with free delivery, no sales tax, and no HAZ-MAT fees on powder or primers.  Virtually everything is in stock as of today.
  • Bullet Barn also has a new item - Factory loaded 9MM-124 FMJ ammo, guaranteed to make Minor power factor of 125, running 1,050 fps from a 4" barrel.  It's priced at only $99.00 for a plastic waterproof can of 500 rounds!
  • Orders can be picked up any day at the match.  Payment is by cash or personal check; sorry no plastic.  There is no website, so please call, text, or email your orders to Dave.  Call or text @ 419-376-0110, or email to DaveZim911@Gmail.com.  Thanks very much for your support!  

​​Bronze Level Sponsor - Target Barn

  • Target Barn has been serving our shooting sport for over 30 years - and has been manufacturing premium quality IDPA, USPSA and IPSC targets as well as providing a large selection of shooting supplies to customers across the country.
  • Thank you for your support!
  • Check out the catalog at: http://www.targetbarn.com

Bronze Level Sponsor - Precision Bullets

  • These black bullets offer a new & improved Gen 2 Coating which is safe for indoor ranges, and has no leading in the barrel. The tough coat protects the bullet from damage and is a natural lubricant. It keeps the bullet at tight factory dimensions and goes through the bore intact.
  • Check out their great products at:  http://www.precisionbullets.com

​Bronze Level Sponsor - Steel Target Paint

  • The perfect paint for steel targets. Steel Target Paint covers surfaces quickly and dries fast! This unique, water-based formula protects steel targets from rust and oxidation.
  • Steel Target Paint was designed for shooting ranges, shooting clubs, parks and private ranges and for match competition.
  • https://www.rangestore.net
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